Washing Instructions

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As a general rule, our cushion covers should be considered ‘delicate care’ due to the natural fibres and dyes in the fabrics we use.  For  pure silk covers we recommend dry cleaning and it is always best to consult with your dry cleaner first.

For all other covers, it is a good idea to simply hang the covers (minus the insert) out in the fresh air (out of direct sunlight) for a couple of hours from time to time. However, when cleaning is required, you should note that hot water, heat from a clothes dryer, an iron and even from direct sunlight, might affect the fabric.  For best results:

    * Hand wash or machine wash on a delicate cycle
    * Use lukewarm water and small amount of mild, non-alkaline soap 
    * Do not bleach, wring or twist; roll in towel to extract excess water 
    * Hang silk covers to dry. Never use direct sunlight. 
    * Use a clothes dryer on a heatless AIR FLUFF setting only 
    * Green or organic dry cleaning is optional 
    * Use an iron on an appropriate setting & place cloth over cover 
    * Wash dark colours separately 


As with our covers, you should hang the inserts in the fresh air from time to time.  You can also machine wash if necessary.  Make sure there are no tears in the fabric before loading your machine. For balance, load a couple of inserts at a time and use only a very small amount of detergent.  Set the machine on a delicate cycle and give the inserts a second rinse.  Place in the dryer with some dryer balls.  Remove periodically and fluff by hand breaking up any clumps.  The inserts will take longer to dry than clothes do and you may find they have a musty smell.  If this is the case, leave them in the sun for a couple of hours.


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